An Interview with the RT AfterDark Podcast crew.

I have the honor of knowing a lot of creative people. I mean, yeah, I have my moments, but there are some amazing creative folks in my life. I recently asked the crew of the RT After Dark podcast about how they got started. A little background for those not in the gaming/animation scene. The RT, or Red Team, After Dark podcast are several rather amazing people who decided to get together and talk about their interests, their ideas and, well, any other topics they fancy. I had the privilege to be on their podcast a few months ago, and they were gracious, funny, and absolutely awesome people. I asked them a few questions, and grouped their responses to each question. Needless to say, it was both informative and entertaining. Also needless to say, no names were changed to protect the guilty.

1. How did you get involved in podcasting?

Amanda: I was invited to join the podcast on a whim one day after I got home from school. The first one I was on wasn’t released but then the following was released as RTAD’s very first podcast

Crash: A couple of us (fookmi, Tina and myself) had the idea to bring people from the community into a spotlight to share the cool stuff that they do.

Redball: – I got involved by turning on Skype and talking to some people I met online. #totallynotweird

Nameless: Well…. I blame Polty. He wasn’t going to be on podcast number 3 so I asked Crash to be on. Now I’m trapped.

GregLathrop: Aside from listening to Rooster Teeth and Internet Box Podcast, RTAD is my only other podcasting experience. As soon as I saw RTAD on the RT site I joined the group. I knew a few members and fans but I knew Nameless the best from him helping me with Minecraft Hunger Games. He was the one I talked to trying to get the chance to play some games with the rest of the original crew. As I got to know others on the podcast the more we bro-onded and when they needed a new member of the podcast they came to me and I couldn’t have been more excited!

2. How and why did you decide to start this podcast with each other?

Amanda: When I was brought onto the podcast, the group had already been established. Fook Mi and I were friends and he asked me one day if I wanted to be on a podcast; good thing I said yes haha.

Crash: The 3 of us that started the idea decided to pull some people together that we felt would be good to join us. From there it was a lot of testing and trial and error. We are still learning and evolving today.

Redball: – carpeyolo right?

Nameless: I had no part in creating this. But it is fun.

GregLathrop: I wanted to join the podcast because of how much I love and want to be involved with community not to mention fucking around with these assholes is a shit ton of fun!

3. Who and/or what have been your biggest influences on you, as far as writing/creating content/etc?

Amanda: The biggest influence on my writing has to be reading, I know it sounds weird. But I love to read, and if I can create something that others will enjoy, be it a podcast or video or story, then I will be happy.

Crash: Content wise i think Roosterteeth would be a good start, for myself writing wise Micheal Crichton was a big influence.

Redball: – There’s this other group of people who took the RT out of our name and decided to call it something else. They’re way better at it, so I’ll go with them.

Nameless: I would say…. BEER.

GregLathrop: Michael Jones has been an inspiration as far as starting a small original gaming series and growing to become one of the greatest personalities on Achievement Hunter. RoosterTeeth’s story of how they started and grew is a big inspiration for me and obviously had a great influence on all of us on RTAD.

4. Besides RT After Dark, what other creative things do you do?

Amanda: I am not an overly creative person, thought this fall I wrote two books (not sure if I will do anything with them).

Crash: I do some paper craft, writing and video/audio editing.

Redball: Wait! there are other things?

Nameless: Does Minecraft count?

GregLathrop: I pursued a singing career for a long time. I traveled across the country to go to different auditions and did well but never got a ‘big break’. I also make a gaming series called ‘Generation Gap’ and eventually want to make a machinima series.

5. What do you use, equipment-wise, for the show, and how does the recording process go?

Amanda: The only equipment I use it my computer and a pair of head phones. The recording is relatively easy, we join the Skype call, whoever is doing the intro that week counts down to the recording and then we all press record. Once we are finished, we send our records to Exavior who edits them all for us.

Crash: Equipment wise we all have our own mics that vary. We use Audacity as our recording program and a normal show we have a guest who share what they do or just tell us about themselves. From there we usually talk about gaming or personal stories that we have.

Redball:  I use a mic and then I hit the red button.

Nameless: A heatset that has a mic. I use it for work too.

GregLathrop: I have a ’08 Mac Pro, Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card, Blue Yeti microphone, and use Audacity and Final Cut Pro. The podcast is recorded individually in Audacity and we sync up in a Skype call then Exavior edits all our tracks together.

6. How do you prepare for a podcast?

Amanda: Throughout the week, we will write down possible topics for the podcast and try to fit them in with what we are talking about that week on the podcast. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t; but this way we usually don’t run out of things to talk about.

Crash: I usually keep a notebook throughout the week with items i would like to talk about. Just before the podcast we all get together and loosen up by joking and talking.

Redball:  I say hello in a really annoying voice and if people respond I know I set it up correctly.

Nameless: I would say…… BEER. And counting. Definitely turning my heat off.

GregLathrop: Mainly just make sure there are no interruptions, get comfortable and have a drink that is easy to refill, not to mention sacrificing 3 chickens and a puma.

7. Best/craziest/most ridiculous moments of the podcast so far?

Amanda: I don’t know about crazy or ridiculous, but my favorite moment from right before we were going to record the podcast was when the police showed up outside of Crash’s apartment and were using a bullhorn to yell at one of the residence.

Crash: we had a time where we were starting the podcast and fookmi’s audacity program kept erroring out over and over. After the 5th time we were all dying laughing.

Redball: – Oh man, this one time on the podcast the police showed up.

Nameless: There were cops one time. I fell asleep… ONCE. People never let things go.

GregLathrop: Most frustrating moment in a podcast has to have been when I was recording while housesitting and the dog I was looking after kept barking. Best moments are when we get to have guests on the podcast and being able to share there story. Most ridiculous moments are whenever I hear a new Crash story!

8. Any advice for up-and-coming podcasters or people who are thinking about starting one?

Amanda: It is worth the work and effort. Don’t give up when it gets hard because once you get everything sorted out it is so much fun.

Crash: Get people together you enjoy spending time a lot of time with and have as much fun with it you can. Youve got to enjoy what you are doing whether the success comes or not.

Redball: – I’d say my actual answer but I believe a show company might sue if I say it.

Nameless: Do it! Don’t think about doing it. Just go and do it.

GregLathrop: Make sure you have a group of people who you have a good time with the rest is just logistics.

9. Any special events in the works, and any events going on hosted by RT After Dark?

Amanda:Every Saturday night RTAD hosts a Community Playdate that is hosted by one or more members of RTAD, usually in Halo. We invite our podcast listeners and community members to join us and we just play games and have fun all night.

Crash: We hold community game nights every Saturday night at 7pm EST and we allow everyone to be a guest on the podcast.

Redball: – Suit party RTX 2013! (Note: This is the Rooster Teeth Expo, held for the third time in Austin, TX. Yes, I plan on going.)

Nameless: Maybe… They don’t tell me much, and give me beer to stay quite.

GregLathrop: We hope to make a noticeable appearance at RTX and after the convention closes our mouths sure as fuck won’t lol. Also, Nameless and I are starting a new RT fan event in Washington state we are going to call RTNW:RoosterTeeth NorthWest we hope to hold it half way between Seattle and Vancouver B.C. We have a lot of ideas and plans in the works so keep an eye on our RT group called RT Pacific Northwest

10. And where are the many places people can find the RT After Dark podcast and its members?

Amanda: The best place to find out content in on our website Our IT people have put a lot of work into it and it works wonderfully. You can also find us on on our group page RT After Dark. We are also on YouTube,

Crash: We are on Itunes, youtube (, , Twitter ( and all of use or on and have personal profiles and a group profile.

Redball: – THE INTERNET! kbai

Nameless: You can find us on twitter and youtube. Also the RT site and even our own site!

GregLathrop: iTunes group: Twitter @RTAfterDark Find StrikingHobbit on the RT site: GregLathrop, twitter: @AH_Greg, youtube: MrGregLathrop

As you all can see, they’re a varied lot, and very entertaining. If you get a chance, check out their Let’s Play videos on YouTube, as those are better imagined than described. The podcasts are not to be missed, and if you like, go ahead and stop on by for comedy, gaming and community. Again, I’d like to thank each of these folks for taking time out to answer a few questions and let everyone take a look behind the microphone.

~ by Walker on January 27, 2013.

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