Watch_Dogs, A review

Hello again, my wonderful and awesome people. I have returned, this time with a review of a game that isn’t old as dirt. I’ll be doing a book review of the Evolution series by Starla Huchton next week, and sharing a bit of personal awesome too.
However, let’s get this review out of the way.

Ah, Ubisoft… Is there anything you can’t ruin? Watch_Dogs is Ubisoft’s attempt to make a modern-day Assassin’s Creed, where instead of leaping off buildings into bales of hay, you’re hacking into phones, bank accounts, wifi hotspots, and other places of an electronic nature with your superphone.
Reader’s Digest version of the plot: You play Aidan Pearce, a hacker who gets caught in a bad bank job and bails out. He doesn’t cover his tracks well enough and he gets found out. The attack on him doesn’t kill him, but his young niece. Aidan then goes on to become The Vigilante, fighting crime and beating criminals up with the power of both the internet and a spring baton, all in an attempt to find out who was the one who ordered the hit that got his niece killed.
Yeah, it’s not the most original plot, but then, neither was “My father was an assassin and got killed so I have to follow in his footsteps.” It has a hook, it has potential, it has the possibility for fun!
And that, folks, is all it has.
Don’t get me wrong, I want to love this game. Watch_Dogs has pretty decent voice-acting, excellent graphics even for a console version, and a great story. They get Chicago very well, and the atmosphere is rather nice.
What they don’t do, however, is make movement fun.
It’s difficult for one aspect of a game to completely overshadow and utterly destroy the rest of the game. However, when it’s the control scheme, as in “moving your character from one place to another,” that can kill the whole thing. That was what disappointed most, as Ubisoft pretty much invented one of the best free-run, go-anywhere movement schemes ever with the Assassin’s Creed series, and it’s like they tried rebuilding it from the ground up and make it completely different from AC. That, folks, was a mistake. In addition, the driving mechanic, which is nearly integral to Watch_Dogs, was horrendous. I might as well have been drinking heavily when it came to driving any vehicle in Watch_Dogs, as it might have improved things.
Graphically, the game is outstanding. Sound? Wonderful. Hacking? Very easy. The control scheme? Utter crap.
Just to give you an idea: I traded Watch_Dogs in. While I was doing so, someone else came in to trade it in. I asked him why. His response: The control scheme.
Ubisoft, you had a great idea here. Your execution was highly flawed. Good job killing what could have been an outstanding new IP. Better luck with the new Assassin’s Creed game. I can’t recommend getting Watch_Dogs to anyone. Rent it if you must, but buying it? Absolutely not.

See you awesome folks next week!

~ by Walker on July 18, 2014.

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