The Evolution series by Starla Huchton – a review

I have one of the greatest jobs/hobbies in the world. Being a writer and avid reader, I get to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life, and new civilizations…
Hang on, that’s Star Trek.
However, it’s also not far from the truth. In the past, I’ve had the chance to meet gods, angels, demons, heroes and villains. I’ve laughed, cried and cheered when the protagonists have triumphed over their challenges.
Also, as a writer, I get to meet some incredibly talented people. I’ve had the privilege of talking with other independent authors who have put their work out for all to see. I’ve reviewed their work and been amazed.
So it’s with pleasure that I introduce you awesome people to the Evolution series, by the incredibly talented Starla Huchton.
Evolution is about superheroes. Yeah, I know, there’s a bunch of those stories out there, but Starla takes a decidedly scientific slant to it, as she does with several of her other books, notably the Endure saga. The tag line of superheroes being made, not born, is the start of a rather interesting take on the genre. Following the life of Candace Bristol, Evolution begins with a bang, starting with Evolution: ANGEL. From a young age, Candace is enamored with superheroes, and even aspires to become one. Luckily for her, this is possible thanks to advanced genetic therapy and a lot of science. She becomes a super with the ability to control water. Anyone who thinks that makes her sound as threatening as Superfriends-era Aquaman or the Wonder Twins would have a rude awakening as Candace shows to be a powerhouse.
What makes the series is the believability. Though that sounds ridiculous, it really works. The interactions between the characters are natural and flow quite well, no pun intended. Candace is an excellent protagonist, and the challenges set before her aren’t always of the “evil super villain” type. There’s a bit of angst, of course, but it’s understandable as not everything in Candace’s world is as it seems.
Books one and two, ANGEL and SAGE, respectively, are excellent primers not only in the idea of creating superpowered beings, but what makes someone a superhero. HEX ends the series exactly as it needs to, with a definite “end of the beginning”, and a possibility of future tales in the universe of Evolution.
I thoroughly enjoyed all three books, and I’m looking forward to the promised ISLE books, set after HEX that continue the adventures and the life of Candace and the rest of the supers. If you’re looking for some fun reading and something that hits the “yes we can, but should we” ethical dilemmas, Evolution is for you. Look for it on Amazon. You won’t regret it.


~ by Walker on August 15, 2014.

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