Patience of a saint

Well, had a bit of fun for my birthday, thanks to my wonderful family. Fun and food was had, and it was awesome. So, since I’m always a paragon of technology and cool gadgets, I got a new laptop. It’s pretty flippin sweet, to quote the Napoleon. Thing is, it was 8 gigs of RAM, which is what I asked for, as I could get a 16 gig kit for less than half what having it pre-installed would cost. 

Don’t ask me; I don’t understand it either. 

Now, I’m a bit of a technophile. I can perform maintenance and install hardware with no problem. It’s my dayjob and helps pay the bills until my scribblings about Tom Statford start making a few bucks more. 

I got the kit from Amazon, and it looked fine. I look to install the memory and… Crap, it’s a different way to do things. Lovely. I then do what anyone in my position would do: Google. 

Word to the wise, kids: when you ask an IT person what’s wrong with your computer over the phone, and you hear that hesitation… We’re googling. 

Anyway, I check out how to install the lot and think “You know what, self? This would be a great time to use the Best Buy Geek Squad Tech Support your family for you!” As such, I did exactly that. I’m not too shy or too proud to say when something is over my head, especially when it’s a thousand-dollar computer that was gifted to me as a birthday present. 

If you want to see what goes into it, check HP’s support site for the Envy x360. It’s a bit involved. 

Sunday found me at Best Buy, dropping my laptop and kit off, and blissfully unaware of the fun I would have about 28 hours later. 

Monday at 5pm, I get the call that they’re finished and I can pick it up. Cool. I head there, which is a 30-plus minute drive in rush-hour traffic, nearly getting rear-ended and almost rear-ending someone who was changing lanes whilst chatting on their phone. I pick up the laptop, check that the system read the RAM, was happy, and headed home. Huzzah. 

Once I got home, I went to connect to the network. Nothing. As in, no wireless signal. As other wireless devices are working, I check the wireless card on the brand new laptop. 

Correction: I notice that there IS no wireless card on the brand new laptop. 

I call up the Geek Squad, tell em what happened, they go “bring it in” and they’ll “make it a priority.”

I was already half out the front door when they said that, in case you were wondering. 

Once I get there, I wait in line. For fifteen minutes. However, I keep my cool. I also tell them I’m not going anywhere until it’s fixed. When I got there, it was about 6:30. 

About an hour later, I get the news: someone broke the wireless card on the laptop while installing the memory, and I need to go pick out another one. That’s about twenty minutes to find someone to do it. 

All this time, I’m cool as a cucumber. Not screaming or yelling. Just letting my displeasure be known by telling the manager what happened. Just waiting for them to fix things and complete the install. 

At the end of it, I didn’t get home til almost 10pm. I have to re-install all my software. I didn’t have much on there, but it’s still a pain in the ass to go through it again. 

Anyway, Dalena and Perry at the Newport News Best Buy, you two were awesome. I want to give credit where credit is due, so thanks, you two. The guy who broke it in the first place? Off the Chridtmas card list. 

tl;dr: laptop broke after install, cool people fixed it. Woot. 

~ by Walker on August 24, 2015.

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